About me

A couple of years ago I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my music to make some money with it. I’ve been recording and writing music for years and this seems like a very nice and fun way to make a living.

The first response I had after submitting a track was that the quality of my music was not broadcast quality, it didn’t meet the industry standards. I took the advice at heart and went to study at Berklee College of Music. I got certified as a studio producer. The latest remark on the quality of my music was that it was very good, better than what they usually receive. It was very nice to hear the training and truckload of money payed off.

I want to use what I encounter on my way to being a well payed musician to help people who want to do the same.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was eleven years old. Always like it and the thing I liked best was improvising. Improvising really helps my composing. Improvising is composing on the fly. I help guitarist getting in thouch with that inner improviser and play what their hearts tell them, make songs and record them and get  money out of it. Or at least get some acknowledgement.


Music expresses what can not be said and on which you can not keep quiet!


I think there are too many guitarists who are playing at home, getting better and maybe even recording themselves, but no one will ever hear them. I believe that should change. Music is a language and it communicates something deep. Deeper than words go. I believe the world would be alot nicer if people started paying attention to the voice inside. Let your voice be heard! Make music that resonates with you and share it. I want to be your scout if you are a guitarist who wants to compose and record music, guiding you to the best and fastest ways to get your music heard.

There are other ways you can go to get info you need. But if you’re a guitarist that wants to record music and earn an income doing it, you’re in the right place. I am not starting from scratch. With my music already in an exclusive library, I’m already on my way. Me goal is not reached yet and you can follow my journey and learn from my experiences. My music is top-notch and I can help you achieve the same. I’ve been playing guitar, composing and recording since I was a teenager and I want to share things I already learned and things I am going to learn, goood and bad.

I want to create a platform of knowledge for the recording guitarist. A vault filled with knowledge on guitar playing, composing, recording and what it takes to be an artist. I want this site to be the place where guitarists who compose and record go for info and to give room to a community of recording guitarists. To interact with like minded people, to get advice, inspiration, and help.

It is my vision to assist an always growing group of guitarists recording their music and sharing it to the world. To give them the abillity to do this.  And to make a living doing this. There’s so much need for music these days. Millions of tracks per year are used!

Music is the universal language of emotion. Making music has a huge benefit to the world. People change into social beings 🙂 and are, for instance, more accepting because of making music. It would be so cool to give people more music and to empower them to start speaking a universal language and get more emotion in the form of recorded music out there.