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Music is evoking emotion and that’s exactly what my focus is. To support that I’m delivering high-quality productions.

I’m also known as Lazyknife. This is a literal translation of my lastname.

Here you can check my music.


My name is Martijn Luimes. I’m a guitarist / songwriter and producer from the Netherlands were I was born and raised. You can label my music as rock with a bluesy feel were soul and emotion will preveil over virtuosity. Soulfull playing is more important to me then virtuosity. You will also hear me producing music in other genres like ballads, pop or metal.

At the age of eleven I picked up the guitar and started out on a classical guitar. That didn’t do it for me, so I switched to it’s electric equivalent. That was just the right kind of instrument I wanted! My heroes at the time were Eric Clapton, Jeff Healey and David Gilmour. I listened closely to what they played and played along with their albums.

Then I heard Joe Satriani and was blown away by his music. It had the blues but also the vibe of good hardrock and it was very melodic. Since I had lessons for nine years or so I could quickly adapt that style of playing. I will never stop learning or discovering the guitar, because it’s the instrument I love! I also play keyboards, bass and like to sing. For now all the drums you hear are done using samples the rest is all me playing live instruments.

Currently I’m having a project together with my wife called: “Signs of Stillness” (website in the making) . It’s in the domain of gothic-rock with a metal edge. I’m also working on my first instrumental album that’s due to come out in december 2014. Then there’s my song catalogue that needs to be expended ongoing. These songs are availeble for pitching.